Providing Value, Increasing Productivity, Measuring Results

Employers - Did you know?

  • We track every service request your employees make.
  • Every interaction your employees have with our team can be rated by the employee with "one-click".
  • As we work with your HR department, we can bring valuable analysis to bear such as:
    • What days are most popular for help?
    • Which hours of the day are the busiest for employee requests?
    • Which benefits need more educational efforts?
  • We also log phone service calls into the system that can be answered on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

An instant satisfaction rating from both employers and members on each ticket submitted. Members have the ability, with the click of the button, to rate service as Great, Okay, or Not Good. Members can leave feedback that is used by our team to innovate and improve our service model.
Very simple! Employers email Admin@MedCareComplete.com for all administrator level requests. The emails received automatically generate a ticket for processing and are routed to the appropriate account service manager. Examples: payroll requests, plan design questions, new hires, employee changes, billing, or reconciliation.
Very simple! Members email Service@MedCareComplete.com for all service level requests. The emails received automatically generate a ticket for processing and routed to the appropriate employee service associate. Examples: card requests, questions, benefit access, or benefit education.
  • Provide real-time reporting to employers on closed, pending, and active employee requests/needs.
  • Measure service trends, frequently asked questions, and productivity.
  • Obtain instant employee satisfaction comments.
  • Provide excellent service in a timely and efficient manner.
  • More efficiently guide requests to the appropriate Service Team Member through workflows. Create a continuity of service at the administrator and employee level (allowing team members to view past, pending, and current requests per individual employee to better serve their needs.)