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Why MedCareComplete?

MedCareComplete is a life-changing bundle of services constructed to save you time and money, while simplifying your life and improving your physical, financial & digital health.

    It was designed with the agent in mind to provide new solutions to employer and employee challenges in the age of healthcare reform.
  • Ease of Administration - enterprise level administration system for agents
  • Easy Enrollment - custom employer sites, enrollment pages, call center
  • Engagement - technology platforms to help drive utilization and consumer engagement
  • Affordable - individual, employer-paid & voluntary harnessing the power of bundled pricing
  • Event alerts & texts - keeping communication front of mind
  • Employer Reporting - ROI and Utilization Reporting that is best in class
  • Education - simple to understand video education that can be co-branded
    Offer MedCareComplete to your clients
  • Unique Solutions: The MedCareComplete bundle of services allows agents to offer the latest cutting-edge solutions for consumers to manage their healthcare costs.
  • New Healthcare Tools: With over a dozen tools, services, discounts and solutions to use, MedCareComplete is the most utilized and appreciated part of any employee benefit offering.
  • Physical, Financial & Digital Health: Offer the complete solution to your employer clients that allows cost-shifting for medical expense and tools to protect their digital health.