A Restoration Expert is available if a member becomes a victim of identity theft. The service provides a concierge level of identity resolution. A dedicated and Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) will work with the victim to assess their ID theft situation, and move forward with a fully managed resolution.

With the member's approval, the Restoration Expert will step into the shoes of the identity fraud victim to do everything that is required, such as working with credit bureaus, creditors, corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, and more.

Who Benefits from this service

  • Employees without the time or expertise to restore their good name and credit after their medical ID or personal ID has been stolen
  • Employers who want to maintain high productivity at the workplace

Figure 1 : "2014 Ponemon Institute© Research Report."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a dedicated & certified professional will work with you for a resolution.
Yes, the professional works on your behalf decreasing lost time & productivity at work.
The cost is included in the MedCareComplete package.