Medical Bill Negotiator


The cost and complexity of health care continue to grow. You don't have the time or experience to become a health care expert. Now you have a partner to provide medical bill assistance. Reduce cost and realize more value from health care through the leader in medical bill negotiation and health care advocacy.

The first time you enter a bill you will create an account profile that can be used to identify you. This will save you time on future visits. You can use your personal login ID to check on the status of your medical bill negotiation and review your final savings summary report. To get started, you will be asked to provide some basic information about your medical bill and provider by entering it online or faxing it in. Experts will negotiate medical bills as long they exceed the $300 minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Bill Negotiator ("MBN ") provides expert medical bill review and negotiation services to save employees money.
Member scan access the MBN 's bill negotiation portal by visiting the link in their MedCareComplete account. Bills should be entered in the MBN portal only.
The MBN 's Negotiation Specialists are very respectful of patient/provider relationships. We work collaboratively with all medical providers. Providers benefit from the negotiation because the MBN corrects anomalies in billing, informs them about the"market" cost for procedures, gets them paid faster and reduces the risk of uncollectible bills.
The MBN recommends that participants review bills before they pay for services. If you pay for medical services at time of delivery, you lose the opportunity to reduce cost through negotiation. The MBN will not be able to negotiate a bill you have already paid. However, if you have pre-paid a portion of the bill, the balance is negotiable.
Medical Bill Negotiator typically works on a success based fee structure. As a MedCareComplete member there is no additional charge for the negotiation as long as your bill exceeds $400 and you can enter a charge card for payment to the provider.
The MBN will authorize the participant's credit/debitcard to ensure sufficient funds are available to pay the bill, prior to commencing the negotiation. If the provider has agreed to reduce the bill, the MBN will enable the provider to charge the participant's card for the reduced amount of the bill only. With the MBN successfully negotiating a bill, there are no additional efforts required of the participant to pay the provider.
If the MBN does not save money negotiating the bill, we do not pay the provider and we drop the authorization on the card.
Can I use a debit card? Participants can use a credit or debit card. The MBN accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express. The MBN also accepts most debit cards from health savings accounts (HSAs) and personal checking.
Under ordinary circumstances the MBN will reach the provider and complete the negotiation within an average of 5 business days. The MBN provides personal service on every bill. As such, we contact the provider's billing staff directly to negotiate the bill in every case.
Participants can log into their account to view personal account information by using their login and password, 24/7. To check the status of a case, select "Manage Account" after logging into review the latest details. Participants also receive email notifications.
Personal and healthcare related information on the MBN 's site is confidential and secure. Your information will be used only in our efforts to reduce the bill. The MBN does not provide any information to direct mail or telemarketing companies. The MBN 's privacy policy is posted on our website for review. The MBN 's privacy policy is certified by TRUSTe, a leader in web privacy certification and compliance.
While the MBN cannot guarantee savings, the results typically fall in the20% to 50% range. The amount the MBN can save depends on the amount of the bill, type of provider, geography and the degree to which the provider is charging a reasonable fee.
The MBN believes personal service is the key to success. The MBN will negotiate directly with providers billing staff (hospitals, physicians, ambulatory surgical centers, labs, etc) on behalf of participants to reduce the bill. Personal, one-on-one negotiation increases the chances of saving participants money.