MedCareComplete (MCC) was designed with the goal of helping individuals and families complement their overall health insurance and health maintenance programs. MCC has carefully selected and packaged non-insurance products and services that are designed to be used when you need them. The compilation of several successful services are uniquely suited to give you more options for where and how you spend your money.

The all-inclusive package of benefits offered will enable you to reduce the time, cost, stress and hassle associated with protecting your physical, financial and digital health. MCC has four Medical benefits to help protect your physical and financial health.

Members can use these as often as needed and save time in many ways every time they are used. There are 5 security-based benefits that are easy to use and help protect the digital health of the member's family.

MedCareComplete is a bundled product and is available to the public via credit card or ACH.

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