Bringing Added Value to Your Employees

Benefit Challenges
Offering cost-effective benefits can be challenging. Annual premium increases, coupled with limited cost containment tools, create frustrations during benefit renewals. After raising deductibles or co-pays and cutting benefits, what strategies are available for employers (fully insured or self-insured) to cut costs and add more value to their employee benefits package?

The Solution
When insurance-based strategies have reached the maximum effectiveness, smart employers begin using non-risk-based strategies outside the insurance realm. Benefits that reward high utilization and shift costs away from the employer can add real value to employer benefit plans.

How We Do It
MedCareComplete (MCC) has carefully selected and packaged non-insurance products and services that are designed to drive high utilization and high employee satisfaction. MCC does this by providing services that help protect and care for the physical, financial, and digital lives of our members. Finally, a solution that gives the value employers are looking for, and the support employees need to maximize their benefits.

MedCareComplete is the smart way to protect employees physical, financial and digital health. Membership benefits include:

It's really easy to provide your employees the choices they are looking for to protect themselves and their family.

Our clients benefit from:

  • The ease of census or online enrollment
  • Reports to validate utilization, ROI, and employee satisfaction
  • Saving money for the employer and employee alike by strategically aligning non-insurance products and services with tools to drive utilization and cost redirection

Let Us Work For You!