About Us

About MedCareComplete

Healthcare changed fundamentally on March 23, 2010 when President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act H.R. 3590 (aka Obamacare or (ACA) for short). The result was that:

  • Employers lack resources and became overwhelmed from new healthcare costs, hassles and complexities of PPACA.
  • Individuals needed more support and assistance to navigate the changes, but they also want to enhance their mental and physical well-being, prevent health problems, and engage in health-promoting behaviors.
  • Agents realized they needed to be equipped to offer clients non-insurance, value-added tools that are not cost prohibitive or risk-based.

MedCareComplete grew out of the need to satisfy all three challenges. There is no other program on the market today like MedCareComplete. We listened to thousands of clients and agents to create this innovative, customized package.

Our home office is located in Atlanta, Georgia and we operate in 50 U.S states. Our senior management is made up of executives from the insurance and service industries who understand what benefits and healthcare tools are needed in today's environment.